Casa de Santa Uxia | Casa rural en Costa da Morte | The house

The house

There was the river and there were the mountains. There was the calm, the magic and the simplicity of this place.
By the edge of the reservoir of Santa Uxía, in Costa da Morte, and very close to Ézaro and its falls.
Today, seven local trees give the name to our 7 rooms. Loureiros, Fieitas, Carballos, Acivros, Castiñeiros, Pinos e Toxos. Warmth, wood, stone and clay.
By the fireplace, the sound of the burning firewood. In the garden, the rustling of the leaves shaken by the wind. In the pier, echoes of water. In the morning, soft tingling of cups, scents of coffee, homemade cakes and freshly toasted bread.
Casa de Santa Uxía is simplicity, nature and relaxation.